Aija Puurtinen singing with Värttinä in Ostrava

25. 7. 2006 | Rubriky: Články,Interviews, reviews,Multilingual

July 2006

How was the Ostrava concert, compared to the other gigs you did with Värttinä?

Ostrava concert was great. Audience knew the band and they were ready from the first minute. People were singing and dancing whit us, so whatelse can you ask.

I never heard your recordings, but I suspect they are very different from Värttinä’s: blues, soul, English? So, what are the things you have in common, which led to your production job?

Common thing is music, singing. I’m specialised in different kind of vocal sounds and techniques and that is the reason Värttinä asked me to produce the Miero album. And after that they thought that i might be good choice to take Mari’s place for awhile. If music is the thing and not one musicstyle, if you are openminded then you can join any production and still have your own artistical style..

I liked your pictue sitting on a piano in a Finnish interview . The picture has almost punk attitude. What is your musical background, were you originally a punk grrrrl?

I’ve never been punk girl. I have classical background. I have gratuated from Sibelius Academy. I compose litlle classical music and rock/oio music with ethnic flavor.

“My Finnish translation of Peter Guralnick’s great book Sweet Soul Music is scheduled to be released in July by Johnny Kniga Publishing,” That says a lot.. What are you other favourite books, both music and general?

I didnďt translate that book in finnish, Honey B.&T-bones guitarplayer did. And actually it was released last weekend in Pori Jazz festival. But I do like books that tells about music.

Scandinavia seems to be blues oasis, maybe because blues is about suffering and keeping your strenght?

Scandinavia is also rock and especially heavyrock oasis. Bluesbased music is alternative music. Not very big thing. But bands can do pretty much gigs if they want. Nowdays I do only festival and concerts, not that much small clubs.

Honey B. & T-Bones is your only project?

As I told earlier I compose and visit other bands occationally. I start to work wit one finnish world music band called Outo Voima. They used to be insrumental band, but they asked me to join as a vocalist. Sometimes I work with Symphony orchestras, free jazz bands and modern rock grupes. I also teach pop/hazz singing in Sibelius Academy. (Johanna from Värttinä is my student)

After 23 years on the road, how do you avoid doing the same thing again?

Of cource every artist do some same thing all the time. Audience would be dissapointed if they donďt hear some older hits with old licks. But my philosofy is to create something new all the time. As much it is possible. Maybe thatďs the reason I have survived in this heavy business. At that moment on stage or at studio or when you are composing you have to have a feeling that “this thing” is the only thing you want to do. Live just that moment. Give what you have. Show and express feelings.


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